Demys is a leading provider of corporate domain name management and an ICANN accredited registrar. Its complementary division, Demys Brand Protection, offers services including domain name disputes and acquisitions together with an advisory service designed to support all manner of on-line protection and enforcement. This unique combination ensures that clients benefit from an holistic approach to on-line brand protection that we term Internet Intellectual Property.

A global leader in on-line brand protection

Demys Brand Protection - Scottish Parliament

Demys is Europe’s leading Internet Intellectual Property company with two decades’ experience acting for some of the world’s foremost brands in the domain name space.

Demys Brand Protection - Arthur's Seat

We’re proud to have moved the market such that other providers follow our lead in the provision of a corporate domain name management service.

Demys Brand Protection - Clarendon Crescent

Some of the best known global brands retain the services of Demys Brand Protection for the provision of a cost effective, reliable and successful online enforcement plan.

Demys Brand Protection - Edinburgh Castle

Demys is about people, both our people and the people for whom we work. Our unique combination of skills enables us to deliver a highly qualified and extremely effective service.

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