Brand protection in the new Internet landrush

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Demys will be co-hosting the latest of its series of joint seminars with Brodies LLP in Edinburgh. The seminars cover the latest developments in on-line brand protection in the context of the developing Internet landscape.

With nearly 2,000 generic top level domain names and a new rights protection mechanism recently launched it is more important than ever for all businesses and organisations to take action to secure, manage and fully exploit their brands on-line.

The web is rapidly developing and changing, with new threats and opportunities from social media, web 2.0 and mobile technologies presenting themselves. Domain names and other Internet signposts can provide huge opportunities and be key to the successful promotion and development of a brand and product range.

However, they are also vulnerable to hijacking by competitors or scammers to divert business, commit fraud or badmouth your products. If unchecked, loss of trade, dilution of brands and serious damage to reputation can result.

“Brand protection in the new Internet landrush” will provide practical insights into current and predicted issues surrounding domain names and branding and provide businesses with valuable guidance on how best to deal with such opportunities and challenges.

The free seminars include presentations from Tim Brown – Director of Brand Protection at Demys and Gill Grassie and Robert Buchan, both Partners in Brodies’ intellectual property and dispute resolution department.

If you would like to join us at our seminars please contact your usual account manager at Demys for further details.

About Demys Demys is a leading provider of corporate domain name management and on-line brand protection with over seventeen years experience in the domain name space.

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