Companies must prepare for new gTLDs

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Recent research carried out by Deloitte has shown that businesses in the United Kingdom have not prepared for the new generic top level domain spaces arriving later this year. ICANN’s decision to liberalise the Internet naming system will see over 1,000 new domain spaces – including .london, .book and .rolex – added to the web towards the end of this year.

In its research Deloitte questioned over 200 global consumer-facing businesses with 3,000-10,000 employees about their intellectual property provisions in light of the new domain landrush.

The results showed that fewer than 30% of UK businesses had a full awareness of how the new domain spaces will be rolled out, even though over 65% of companies thought that the new gTLDs would present a medium to high threat to their on-line presence through cybersquatting or trade mark infringement.

The research also showed that nearly 80% of companies in the UK thought that proactively protecting their registered trade marks in the new spaces would be difficult, with only 15% of companies saying they were unconcerned with policing the new namespaces.

We are currently working with our clients to pro-actively manage and prepare policies to ensure a successful transition to the new landscape. To assist with this we were recently appointed as an official agent for the Trademark Clearinghouse – the centralised repository of validated registered trade marks designed to safeguard trade marks in new gTLD spaces.

Deloitte’s survey revealed that nearly 75% of UK businesses considered that the trademark clearinghouse would help protect their company’s intellectual property and Demys agrees that it forms an important cornerstone of any company’s on-line protection policy.

If you would like to discuss how your company will protect its intellectual property and respond to the opportunities and threats posed by new gTLDs then please contact us or talk to Tim Brown – Director of Equity Services on +44 131 2260660 or via email at

About Tim Brown Tim is Director of Brand Protection – Demys’ intellectual property protection division. In this role Tim has advised some of the world’s foremost brands on Internet intellectual property matters over the past seventeen years.

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