Australian registry opens .au consultation

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The Australian naming authority – .au Domain Administration (auDA) – has opened a consultation on whether it will allow direct registrations under .au for the first time.

Following similar and generally successful moves in .uk and .nz, auDA is contemplating whether to allow people and businesses to register domain names like [brand].au rather than being restricted to [brand] as at present.

Derek Whitehead, the panel chair said “This is an important time in the evolution of .au domain space, therefore we invite the Internet community to have their say, at this very early stage, where no definitive consensus has yet been made. 

The Names Policy Panel’s progress so far has not only focussed on the second level registration under .au, but extends to other issues raised regarding auDA policies governing the allocation of .au domain names. We have identified issues raised and encourage public input, to ensure early consideration as the panel discussions take shape”

The consultation is expected to focus partly on how .au domain names should be allocated. A “grandfathering” scheme, where domain holders with a corresponding are given the first chance of securing the matching .au, is seen as the most likely option.

As always, Demys will keep clients up to date with the latest developments but if you have any questions please contact your usual account manager.

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