Demys is about people, both our people and the people for whom we work. Demys was established to provide services focussed on online brand protection exclusively for the corporate market. We have evolved not from a retail registrar but from professions relevant to our three guiding principles – that an online presence comprises elements of Brand, Technology and Policy & Governance.

Andrew DS Lothian

Andrew DS Lothian

Andrew has over twenty years of litigation and intellectual property experience in legal practice.

He has been involved in Internet intellectual property for over fifteen years and personally handled the first Scottish domain dispute before the Commercial Court of the Court of Session together with the world’s sixth largest domain name acquisition by value (

Andrew has been a serving Expert for Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service since its inception in 2001 and is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Domain Name Panel and the CAC’s ADReu panel. In these capacities he adjudicates in both national and international domain name disputes.

Andrew has spoken internationally on e-business and domain name issues since 1998. He maintains a range of contacts at the top level of the Domain Name System including UK government policy formers, Nominet UK personnel, WIPO panellists and ICANN staff.

Penny Hearn

Penny Hearn

Penny studied Business Studies at The London Guildhall University and her professional background is in product marketing.

Throughout the last twenty five years, she has been involved in brand development, marketing communications and, as a director of an IT marketing consultancy, client care, project management and project delivery.

Clients benefit from her conviction that Internet intellectual property is a vital element of online branding; focusing not solely on the technical and policy aspects of the Internet but on the broader canvas such as the protection of intellectual property and the prevention of brand abuse; all within a framework of economy and prudence.

Further, Penny concentrates on aspects of a domain name portfolio from the end user’s perspective and facilitates regular research to ensure that clients are kept abreast of developments in the constantly evolving Internet landscape.

Penny is responsible for the delivery of client services and ensures that deadlines, expectations and opportunities are consistently achieved.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim has specialised in Internet intellectual property since 1996 when he focused on the interaction between trade marks and domains as part of his IT and IP focused law degree at Southampton University.

At Demys, Tim is Director of Brand Protection – Demys’ intellectual property protection division. In this role Tim has advised some of the world’s foremost brands on Internet intellectual property matters over the past fourteen years.

Tim also acts as an independent Expert for Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service – the award-winning dispute system for the .uk domain name space.

Tim keeps up to date with key developments in Internet policy and governance and served as a member of Nominet’ policy stakeholder committee from 2013 to 2016.

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