Some of the best known global brands retain the services of Demys Brand Protection for the provision of a cost effective, reliable and successful online enforcement plan. And they do so because of the compelling value proposition and the consistently high results that are achieved by Brand Protection’s unique approach. Significantly, Demys was retained as the Supplier of Intellectual Property and Domain Name Management to the London 2012 Games.

Our role is to support in-house personnel in the pursuit of an holistic, tailored and intelligent programme of enforcement. It starts with brand watching where our approach is to work collaboratively with clients throughout the process.

Rather than simply disseminate mass data we apply intelligence to our reporting such that clients need only consider relevant matters and take action as necessary. Each case is unique and so too are the available remedies – including alternative recapture strategies exclusive to Demys.

Demys Brand Protection achieves cost efficiencies by employing highly qualified and experienced personnel without the overhead of conventional professional firms so clients secure the results they desire for economic outlays.

How we can help

Brand watching
Thorough policing of the web for infringements & abuse that impact your brand

Dispute proceedings
Unrivalled pragmatic dispute resolution expertise

Domain acquisitions
Discrete, sensible negotiations and safe transfer management

Litigation support
Leading technical advice & experience for legal professionals

Policy and governance
Intelligently informing & influencing industry developments

Trademark Clearinghouse
Expert advice for TMCH applications

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    Demys is a leading provider of corporate domain name management and an ICANN accredited registrar with over twenty years’ experience in the domain name space.

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