With our litigation support service Demys works closely with legal practitioners to assist with prosecuting or resolving Internet-related legal issues. We give technical support and forensic analysis while lawyers can get on with dealing with the law.

Demys has over a decade of experience of supporting lawyers in multiple jurisdictions. And while we have an excellent technical pedigree we also speak your language:

Andrew DS Lothian – Demys’ Chief Executive – possesses nearly two decade’s experience of litigation and successfully presented Scotland’s first commercial court action to involve an Internet domain name. Andrew also acts as a panellist for the World Intellectual Property Organization, Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service and .eu’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Service.

In addition, Tim Brown – Director of Brand Protection – also serves as a panellist for Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service and benefits from over fifteen years of Internet technical experience.

From providing expert witnesses, assisting with bona vacantia issues, providing forensic evidence and supporting court litigation Demys can lend vital support to legal professionals in every Internet matter.

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    Demys is a leading provider of corporate domain name management and an ICANN accredited registrar with over twenty years’ experience in the domain name space.

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