In 1999, with no imagination
We set upon a name that lacked in innovation

In 2001 therefore we tried to make amends
And thought and thought and thought and even asked our friends

What will define us, what will we say?
What is our brand at the end of the day?

And then we arrived, through the process of thought
At Demystification; that’s what we’re about.

“Too windy” we said, “it needs to have wiz”
So we cut it in half and Demys it is

How folk would say it did not cross our minds
And now we get demiss and even demise

The business has grown with domains at its core
It’s good P&L – who could want more?

We’ve established the equity in the brand there’s no doubt
So changing the name does not get a shout

But suggestions of death and Greek sopranos
Raises some questions and even some eyebrows

So through the process of verse we would like to make clear
Please pronounce our name deemiss – oh joy to our ear!

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