Demys’ robust nameserver provision provides world-class connectivity for high dependency domains and has many advantages:

  • Internal resources can be released from the full-time burden of managing domain name servers
  • Technical changes can be made promptly with an audit trail
  • Domain name owners have greater control over all technical aspects of their domains; including “time to live” settings
  • Independence of DNS services from web hosting, ISP or other IT services allows clients the freedom and flexibility to select alternative suppliers without the complication of altering the DNS provision
  • Centralised management offers a single point of contact for all DNS changes, updates and billing.

Demys’ specialist nameserver service includes a robust set-up featuring:

  • Anti-DDoS provision
  • Nameservers in different IP blocks
  • Connectivity for all nameservers available from multiple ISPs located throughout the world
  • Separate domains for the nameservers in different top levels, provided by two independent organisations
  • A dedicated, secure, password protected DNS Management panel
  • An average up time of over 99% each which equates to 100% DNS up time across all machines.

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