Where your domain names are core to your corporate infrastructure and on-line presence, security is a key concern. SSL certificates can help increase customer confidence and ensure sensitive data sent and received over the Internet complies with Data Protection law as well as meeting financial security standards.

SSL certificates can be used not only to secure your public web interface,  boosting user confidence through the browser padlock and green bar, but also to secure your core internal infrastructure in a reliable and robust manner.

SSL Certificate management service – securing your peace of mind.

While lots of web sites provide certificates, Demys offers you the peace of mind that comes from our taking care of the expiry dates and managing renewals on your behalf. We go beyond the mechanics of simply providing your certificate to working as a core part of your team and as trusted advisers.

For those with a range of SSL certificates with varying renewal dates and current providers we can develop a consolidation plan to manage your ongoing renewals and bring them into Demys’ management service at the right time.

Demys do not straight-jacket clients into our chosen branded provider and, while we have existing relationships to provide a range of certificates, we remain untied, unbiased and able to offer alternatives to ensure we can provide you with the certificate that suits your needs best.

SSL Certificates – securing your data across the Internet.

There are a range of certificates in the market place with different pricing and confidence models; the core formats of certificates are:

Extended Validation (EV) certificates – organisational information verified and a green address bar in the browser.

Protect your data and customer confidence with the most secure and trusted of SSL certificates. EV certificates will not only turn the address bar green and confirm the name of the organisation entitled to use the certificate. These certificates provide the highest level of consumer trust and confidence in supplying private information to your web site. The vetting process is rigorous and requires proven authority of those purchasing the certificate to act on behalf of the organisation. Demys’ experts guide you through this process.

Organisation Validation (OV) certificates – organisational information verified and padlocked.

These provide the same level of encryption as EV certificates, however they differ from EV certificates in that they provide for less consumer confidence. They still deliver the secure padlock and encrypt the data end to end, but as they undergo a more limited organisation and domain name check they do not offer the same green address bar for customer assurance.

Domain Validation (DV) certificates – padlocked browser.

This most basic of signed certificates is popular for some applications due to it being relatively inexpensive.  A DV certificate provides the padlock and confirms the application has been made by someone with some degree of control over a domain, however no checking of the organisation has been performed so that minimal confidence is given to the end user.

Trust seals

To boost consumer confidence, SSL Certification Authorities typically provide a ‘trust seal’ program which, in addition to the padlocked address bar, can be displayed on your web site to provide your customer with the confidence and peace of mind they seek.

Vulnerability / malware scanning

The service provision that comes with the top of the range certificates goes beyond the simple provision of a signed certificate to scanning your publicly accessible systems for detectable vulnerabilities and malware, giving you the confidence that your brand is not being damaged through your servers’ security being breached.


Should the worst happen, your server is compromised and the secure certificate key obtained then all future transactional data is also at risk from an attacker. While self-signed SSL certificates could remain valid and open to abuse, a Certificate Authority signed certificate can be revoked and a new one issued to protect your customers and valuable data.

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