Our role is to support in-house personnel with specialist problem-solving and in the pursuit of an holistic, tailored and intelligent programme of enforcement.

Intelligently supporting in-house counsel

Working closely with in-house lawyers, Demys Brand Protection – our on-line brand protection division – allows legal personnel to rely on ongoing expert support over a wide range of Internet intellectual property issues. These range from reliable corporate domain name management, to brand watching and monitoring so in-house personnel can pro-actively monitor the Internet for potential infringements.

Demys supports in-house professionals in a wide range of businesses across a range of sectors to successfully enforce their online rights portfolio. From taking down infringing material, to anonymous test purchases of counterfeit material, to bringing formal domain name disputes to supporting third party solicitors in court action.

Creatively supporting in-house counsel

Demys worked closely with in-house personnel at a major international technology firm and helped develop and inform their internal enforcement policies. Using Demys’ watching service as a starting point, the client worked with Demys to determine appropriate, cost-effective and prioritised enforcement action.

Once a plan was agreed Demys brought it into action by deploying the appropriate service to bring about the best outcome for the client. Results are reported and monitored regularly to measure success and ensure the client receives the best return on investment.

What our clients say

“Brilliant work. You solved a really big headache for us.
– In House Legal Counsel, national food retailer

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