A client once remarked that his role was to keep the PCs and networks running and domains were an, albeit necessary, irritant. Demys’ corporate domain name management services allow busy IT professionals to delegate responsibility for domain name registrations, renewals, on-line security and provision of nameserver infrastructure and technical updates to a trusted and experienced provider. As an added bonus, Demys’ Brand Protection division adds unique value to the technical management of a domain name portfolio.

Supporting IT managers

We were contacted by one of our clients, the Infrastructure Manager of a sizeable UK PLC. His role was concerned with the delivery of the company’s complex IT provision and not with matters concerning its intellectual property; however our client had recently acquired another organisation that operated a highly transactional website at its .uk domain.

During the purchase the lawyers had provided the usual warranties that the domains would transfer on concluding the deal however this particular domain was not registered properly and this had been missed during the due diligence process.

The result – the registry identified that the legal registrant had been a previous incarnation of the target company and had been dissolved. Under these circumstances, the registry were entitled to take steps to cancel the domain as stipulated in their registration agreement. As noted above, while highly experienced in IT matters our contact had no experience with matters like dissolved companies and the available remedies.

Demys was able to provide the client’s legal personnel with fulsome advice so that the domain returned to a compliant status. Demys were also able to negotiate a time extension with the registry to allow our client to continue to operate their transactional web site until the legals could be resolved.

What our clients say

“Your advice is swift and first class – as always, brilliant customer service”
– IT Director, major UK leisure organisation

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