Demys is not a law firm and we help legal practitioners in two major ways:

  • Acting as domain name registrar on an agency basis for firms’ clients’ domain name portfolios as part of an overall intellectual property strategy developed with the firm to encompass trade marks, domain names, copyright, etc.
  • Providing forensic assistance and troubleshooting with Internet related disputes
    Including gathering evidence and consulting on technical remedies.

Domain name portfolios

Law firms are increasingly gaining experience in managing domain names for their clients; however, only a handful of firms worldwide are (or ever wish to be) accredited registrars. Typically, therefore, a firm will manage domains for a client via a reseller registrar arrangement. This has a variety of pitfalls for the unwary including the nature of the contractual relationship between the registrar, law firm and ultimate client and the responsibility for technical control.

Demys, however, works with firms on the more familiar agency basis. Uniquely, our Chief Executive was originally a solicitor in private practice and our Director of Brand Protection likewise has a law degree. As such, we believe our team is second to none in understanding the needs of the busy practitioner.

We manage domain names for firms’ clients, having first established a line of authority that ensures the client contact in the law firm is always in the loop while ensuring that we take care of the time consuming aspects of registering, moving or implementing technical changes to the domain estate with the minimum of fuss.

And like you, we understand the importance of the correct legal registrant. All of this provides both firms and their clients with the assurance that an holistic IP service can be delivered by the firm while the domain registrar elements are taken care of by experts.

Portfolio management in practice

Demys were approached by a boutique IP firm based in one of the UK’s major IP hubs. The firm had a client who needed to hold a medium sized domain name portfolio as part of its IP asset strategy. The client had become aware that its domain name registrar was based in the USA and wished to select a local registrar.

Demys took on the consolidation of the domain name portfolio from the US registrar, arranging all necessary authorities for the law firm and its clients to sign off, and ensuring a smooth transition for the portfolio. Once this process was complete, Demys ensured that all legal registrants were accurately listed in accordance with the law firm’s instructions.

Ultimately, as part of Demys’ usual annual management provision, we rendered further advice to the IP legal practice regarding best practice in blocking domains and certain issues arising from new gTLDs, all for onward transmission to their client along with the firm’s recommendations.

Forensic assistance

The inherent expertise within any firm may encompass a range of disciplines and fields of practice, not least that of Intellectual Property and dispute resolution. It is also our experience that the majority of legal practitioners are well versed in the UDRP, the DRS and other remedies available to deal with infringement in the domain name space. But typically, this is not their sole field of practice and this is why Demys is regularly asked to provide support in such matters, from second opinions to forensic evidence gathering.

Demys is highly experienced in matters of domain dispute resolution; in fact two members of the team are appointed by Nominet as DRS Experts and one of these individuals is also a domain name panellist for both WIPO (UDRP) and the Czech Arbitration Court (.eu ADR).

With an exclusive concentration on this area of enforcement Demys have developed a range of methodologies for gathering the forensics that will support a submission and increase the chances of success. This is of particular value when consideration is given to the fact that most disputes proceed according to written submissions procedure. In other words, evidence is key to success and simple assertions of fact are not, in themselves, sufficient. Further Demys can also provide advice and support in terms of prospects of success in a dispute. Demys will also endeavour to propose alternative remedies on a case by case basis.

We are regarded by the law firms who instruct us as a valuable partner who can augment the skill sets of those in private practice.

Intelligently supporting law firms

One such client represents a number of renowned celebrities. Clearly, it is vitally important that they take all steps to protect their intellectual property and while their lawyers take the necessary actions in the off line world, they regularly instruct Demys in matters concerning on-line infringement or abuse.

In some cases, where the various dispute resolution policies do not meet requirements, Demys will liaise with the necessary authorities tasked with dealing with on-line fraud including Trading Standards and in some cases the police.

What our clients say

“Thank you for attending to this and getting such a fantastic result so quickly! Very much appreciated.”
– Senior Partner, national law firm

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