Let’s face it, domains are the not the most exciting element of a campaign but if your plans include an on-line component, they’re pretty important!

With your time committed to the management of the creative process, campaign planning and the myriad other things that require your attention, domains may inevitably take second place but, in fact, their importance should not be underestimated.

What can happen when domains are afforded secondary status?

Some years ago, we were approached by a major UK business for some advice. They had developed an entire campaign targeted at children and the on-line component was to be accessed via a .co.uk domain name. While they had taken the necessary steps to secure this, they had not looked at the .com variant.

Having invested in this new brand, all the collateral and the web content had been prepared and a launch date had been set. The precursor of their call to us was that having investigated the .com variant further it was found to be registered and resolved to adult content – they needed us to contact the registrant and try to purchase the domain in advance of the launch.

The registrant, however, would not enter negotiations for a sum less than £80,000. In the end, it was decided that it would be more cost effective to abandon the newly developed brand and proceed with the campaign beneath a new banner in which the domains were securely registered in advance of launch.

This organisation became clients and we continue to provide their marketing personnel with support and advice in all matters concerning their on-line intellectual property; not least comprehensive availability checks for all new initiatives in advance of launch.

What our clients say

“Since I’ve had you guys on board I’ve had absolutely no domain name worries at all. It’s cured my insomnia!”
– Internet Marketing Professional, travel, financial services and insurance conglomerate

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