Many trade mark attorneys recognise that their area of expertise is in the field of off-line intellectual property management and perhaps not in the on-line world. Demys is retained by a number of high profile UK firms to provide complementary advice and support to their core skills and experience and are often represented as in-house partners to their clients.

Typically we aim to harmonise the on and the off line processes; specifically to ensure that domain names are registered in advance of trade mark applications being submitted. Our clients appreciate that would be cybersquatters monitor trademark databases and it is not unknown for these individuals to register domains at this early stage and well before a mark proceeds to grant.

How we help

In one instance, an American client requested that their UK based firm arrange applications for a range of European, UK and other non-US marks; they also requested that domains be registered in the concomitant countries. Demys supported our attorney partners in this process and managed a number of country code registrations and advised on availability and eligibility strategies.

Trademark attorneys can completely rely on Demys’ professional integrity and absolute client confidentiality so that even the most classified of launches will be handled with absolute discretion and professionalism.

Demys works with a number of firms providing support and advice about the Trademark Clearinghouse – ICANN’s response to rights protection in the new generic top level domains. Demys is an accredited clearinghouse agent and welcomes enquiries about any aspect of the clearinghouse.

What our clients say

“Thank you for all your help with our recent issue. We and our client are both delighted!”
– Senior Partner, national Trade Mark attorneys

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