Reporting abusive domains

If you suspect a domain name registered through us is being used for an abusive purpose, please contact with full details of the alleged abuse, including the domain name that you wish to report and your full contact details. We will review your report and respond appropriately. Please note that we reserve the right to forward your complaint in full to the relevant law enforcement authorities and we are only able to respond to requests written in English.

Law enforcement reporting

If you are a Law Enforcement Agency wishing to report a domain name, please include the character string LEA, delimited by square brackets, thus: [LEA] in the subject line of your email and clearly include your agency details in the message content. We will refer any emails falsely claiming to be from an Law Enforcement Agency to that agency for further investigation, so please do not include this character string if sending in a non-law enforcement capacity.

If you have an issue that has not been resolved within two working days, please contact

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